30.03.2016 – Dr. Çekiç is invited to MIMIC2016

01.03.2016 – A review authored by Dr. Çekiç on purinergic signalling and immune regulation is published on Nature Reviews on Immunology.

15.01.2016 – Our Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program grant (1001) is funded by The Scientific and Technologic Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)


15.11.2015 – We received prestigious EMBO Installation Grant to conduct state-of-the-art research on immune cell regulation in Turkey.

26.10.2015 – A research co -authored by Dr. Çekiç on patrolling monocytes is published on  Science

06.09.2015 – Alican Savas’s project for Technological Initiative program is funded by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

13.07.2015 – Our for early career development grant (3501) is funded by TUBITAK

15.06.2015 – Dr. Cekic is invited to IV. International Congress of the Molecular Biology Association of Turkey

08.06.2015 – Dr. Cekic is received Successful Young Scientist Award by Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA-GEBIP award)

07.05.2015 – Our grant for short term R&D funding is funded by TUBITAK

02.03.2015 – Dr. Cekic is received Career Integration Fellowship from TUBITAK

23.01.2015 – Our research linking cholesterol homeostasis and tumor immunity is accepted to Nature Communications

18.12.2015 – Dr. Cekic is invited to Keystone Symposia on Purinergic Signaling


24.10.2014 – A research by Dr. Cekic on Adenosine receptors and T cells is accepted to Cancer Research

24.10.2014 – A research by Dr. Cekic on Adenosine Receptors and Myeloid Cells is accepted to Cancer Research

10.10.2014 – Dr. Cekic is invited to 23. National Congress of Immunology